The Preserve Colleyville PAC recommendations for the City wide vote May 6, 2017. Early Voting takes place April 24th – May 2nd


Preserve Colleyville PAC has participated in the City Council election of May 2016 supporting three new members of council; Mayor Richard Newton, Place 1 Tammy Nakamura and Bobby Lindamood, Place 2.  These candidates, in turn joined Mayor Pro Tem Chris Putnam,  Jody Short, Place 4 Nancy Coplen, Place 5 and Mike Taylor,  Place 6.

The leadership of the new majority of council campaigned on a number of specific issues and promises.  They won by a 62% margin.  In less than one year this new majority has accomplished their campaign promises, including water rates,  term limits, property tax relief, demand transparency at the city government level and being respectful of Colleyville citizens right to freely voice their opinion at City Council Meetings, without being hammered down by an overreaching previous Mayor.  They accomplish this and more, a summary is below.  NOW ABOUT MAY 6, 2017.

Preserve Colleyville PAC Proudly Endorses: Two candidates that will continue to be responsive to citizens of Colleyville, while bringing fresh views and ideas designed to help the current council members achieve even loftier goals for the City of Colleyville.

Kathy Wheat Place 3

As an energetic and approachable mother with two young children, she will provide a fresh perspective on City Council that will help ensure Colleyville remains the destination community that attracted so many families to Colleyville.

* Kathy has a BA in Mathematics from UT Austin, bringing an analytical and inquisitive mind to council.

Service –
Kathy moved to Colleyville with her family five years ago.  As a stay at home mom she has used her time with her children and become very involved with Colleyville organizations, businesses and schools.



*Parks –The trees, parks, trails and green spaces are one of things I love in Colleyville. she will work to protect and grow these areas by maintaining low density residential and neighborhood integrity.

* Streets – There are many roads in Colleyville that need to be improved. This year Colleyville Council has directed the more aggressive road construction than ever before. she will continue to work for effective planning to ensure road needs are addressed on an efficient, ongoing basis.

First Responders – Colleyville is not only a beautiful place to live, but it is safe and protected by amazing police officers and firefighters. These first responders are a huge part of what makes Colleyville an excellent place to live and own a business. Kathy believe we must continue to prioritize them and ensure they are well equipped and compensated.

* Infrastructure – The council has a responsibility to the people to run a lean, effective government. Kathy will champion low taxes, zero-based budgeting, and fight against debt financing and runaway spending projects. With strong accountability our finances she will help fix our aging infrastructure.

*Transparency – A transparent city government invites participation from its citizens, and gives deep vision into decisions with residents working alongside council and city staff. Kathy will continue this style of government in Colleyville that has seen major change since the May 2016 election..  She will continue this style of governing on Colleyville’s behalf. An open government should always be present for accountability.

 George Dodson Place 4
George has been a continued source of encouragement, involvement and action over the past many years expressing his love and care for Colleyville and it’s citizens.

* He has a Masters degree in advanced statistics, dealing with very large data sources to identify and solve problems.

* He has worked in large corporations (IBM and Perot Systems) as a senior executive and as a management consultant leading large organizations in solving difficult problems, identifying measures to improve the quality of the product and save millions in costs.

* His experience in managing large budgets in his executive career with IBM and Perot Systems will be beneficial as a Council Member to help keep the city operating in a conservative fiscal manner.

* He will apply his management expertise and his educational knowledge to Colleyville’s benefit.


Service –
George has served on the Water and Wastewater Committee as well as Chairman of P&Z

*Streets – He will help guide the city and support the changes brought about by the new city council majority to retain the look and feel of our streets, keep our trees and the retain the semi-rural feel of the city as well as finding alternatives that are more economical.

*Comprehensive Plan: 
He will ensure that every future housing development or re-development be required to meet the maximum of 1.8 houses per net acre.

*Protect the Tax Payer:
  The new City Council majority lowered the tax rate this year for the first time in 10 years and he will support efforts to keep taxes lower.

 I want the City to provide significantly more clarity on city financial matters.

*Parks and other services: George will make sure the City is looking for opportunities to add to our park spaces and enhance the current parks in Colleyville.

You first heard from the Preserve Colleyville PAC, in May of 2016.  The PAC, made up of concerned citizens,  rallied together to derail the ongoing  efforts to increase Colleyville’s high density neighborhoods and  demand transparency in May 2016. The efforts resulted in the election of Richard Newton as Mayor, Tammy Nakamura Council Seat 1 and Bobby Lindamood for Council Seat 2.  These candidates won,  with approximately 62% of the vote.

Richard Newton, Mayor
Tammy Nakamura, Place 1
Bobby Lindamood, Place 2

Mayor Richard Newton quickly began his work and did a council workshop where ALL council members could provide their individual areas of top interest.
Using a “dot voting” technique, the Council members next rank‐ordered the eight consensus policy priorities.  

(This is a simple group activity for recognizing preferences among limited options: Council Members are each given a set number of dot stickers. They place dot stickers next to options presented that they like and the issues with the most stickers are at the top).

Ranked List of Council Policy Priorities

  1. Improve the Comprehensive Plan
  2. Restructure water rates
  3. Accelerate the street capital program
  4. Improve Glade Road design
  5. Provide property tax relief
  6. Ensure fiscal stewardship
  7. Revise the City Charter  –  Manage SH‐26 project impacts (tie)

These three new members, along with Mayor Pro Tem Chris Putnam, set out to accomplish their promised goals on their mutual campaigns.  As a result, less than one year later,
we have seen all of the list of council priorities moved on.

1.) Comprehensive Plan has been revised to clarify the question of what formula is used to calculate density, therefore better protection against higher density.
2.) Water rates have been restructured removing the hidden tax used for general budget items, to a zero budget approach.  Removing the subsidies of higher users to a fair approach for all users.
3.) An accelerated plan has been put in place for
 the street renovation program.
4.) Reducing cost in unnecessary infrastructure, implementing a plan with an emphasis on an improved road while preserving the rural ambiance.
5.)  City council, for the first time in decades, actually rolled back the tax rate in Colleyville.
Ensure fiscal stewardship, adopted a zero budget approach and moved recommended via Charter Amendments a full range of  required financial disclosure of public officials.
7.) Council appointed a citizens Charter Revision Committee that made recommendations and the Amendments were on the ballot at the General Election November 2017 and passed by an amazing 82% approval margin!

  November 2016

Then again November 2016, primarily as a result of the efforts of these four council members, Preserve Colleyville came to the forefront to support the new Charter Amendments, INCLUDING the Term Limits.  The primary issues presented to the public were; 1.) Term Limits on City Council, 2.) Allow for electronic voting (so all council members vote at the SAME time), and 3.) The requirement of financial disclosures by all council members, P&Z members and all senior members of the City Staff, including the City Manager.

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